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    Unit Title Maintenance – Changes to legislation

    Explore how our maintenance company can help you navigate New Zealand's new legislative requirements with tailored maintenance solutions, including pay-as-you-go and subscription services, ensuring your property is compliant and future-proof

    Navigating New Waters: Ensuring Your Property's Future with Proactive Maintenance

    In an ever-evolving landscape of property ownership, staying ahead of maintenance needs is not just a necessity; it’s an art. With recent legislative changes in New Zealand tightening the requirements for long-term maintenance planning, property owners and body corporates face a pivotal moment. How you adapt to these changes can set the course for your property’s future. This is where a dedicated maintenance company steps in, transforming the daunting tide of responsibilities into a streamlined process of proactive care and compliance.

    Understanding the Legislative Changes

    The introduction of more stringent long-term maintenance plans (LTMPs) by the New Zealand government requires body corporates to adopt a 30-year maintenance outlook. This shift aims to enhance transparency, improve property conditions, and secure the financial health of unit title developments. The key is not just to meet these new standards but to leverage them to add value to your property.

    The Power of Preparation: Your First Step to Compliance

    The first step in adapting to these changes is to understand the specifics of what is required. This involves more than just a cursory glance at your current maintenance schedule. You need to dig deep, project future needs, and prepare a comprehensive plan that addresses both immediate repairs and long-term sustainability.

    How We Can Help: Tailored Maintenance Solutions

    Our maintenance company offers a dual-tiered approach to help you navigate these waters: pay-as-you-go and subscription memberships. Each option provides flexibility and control, allowing you to tailor our services to fit your specific needs.

    1. Pay-As-You-Go Services

    Ideal for smaller or newer developments that might not yet feel the strain of extensive maintenance requirements, our pay-as-you-go services ensure that you get professional help exactly when you need it. From sudden repairs to compliance checks, you only pay for what you use, keeping initial costs down while still maintaining high standards of property care.

    2. Subscription Memberships

    For larger developments or those seeking comprehensive coverage, our subscription plans offer all-inclusive maintenance services for a flat monthly fee. This not only helps in budgeting and financial forecasting but also ensures regular inspections, preventive maintenance, and immediate repairs, all of which align perfectly with the need for a 30-year LTMP.

    Benefits of a Unified Maintenance Strategy

    Choosing us as your maintenance partner offers numerous benefits, ensuring that your property not only meets legal requirements but thrives:

    • Consistency and Quality: With a dedicated team handling all aspects of your property’s maintenance, you receive consistent service quality and a clear, ongoing assessment of your property’s condition.
    • Proactive Care: Our approach focuses on preventing problems before they occur, significantly reducing the risk of unexpected repairs and associated costs.
    • Streamlined Communication: One point of contact simplifies communication. No need to juggle multiple contractors; our team manages all aspects of your maintenance needs.
    • Regulatory Compliance: We stay abreast of all legislative changes, ensuring that your property remains compliant with the latest regulations without you having to sift through legal jargon.
    Leveraging Technology for Enhanced Efficiency

    We employ the latest in maintenance technology,  with automated scheduling tools for ensuring efficient and effective service delivery. Our online client portal allows you to track maintenance tasks, view scheduled tasks  in real-time, providing full transparency and control over the maintenance process.


    Getting Started with Us

    Embarking on this journey of maintenance and compliance is straightforward. Here’s how you can get started:

    1. Consultation: Contact us for a free consultation. We’ll review your current maintenance strategy and provide a detailed assessment aligning with the new LTMP requirements.
    2. Customization: Choose between our pay-as-you-go or subscription models based on your needs assessment.
    3. Implementation: We’ll set up everything, from integrating our technology tools to scheduling the first inspection.
    4. Ongoing Support: Enjoy ongoing support and regular updates tailored to keep your property in prime condition and fully compliant.
    Your Future-Proof Maintenance Strategy

    Navigating the complexities of property maintenance in light of legislative changes doesn’t have to be a solo voyage. With a trusted maintenance partner, you can not only comply with the new regulations but turn this compliance into an opportunity to enhance your property’s value and longevity. Join us at the helm, and let’s steer your property into a future where every maintenance decision is a step toward success.


    Schedule a Visit

    Schedule a Visit

    Schedule a consultation with us to view our showhome or showroom,  quality and process for your construction project, real estate photography or design project.