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Schedule a consultation with us to view our showhome or showroom,  quality and process for your construction project, real estate photography or design project.

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    Residential and Commercial COnstruction SPECIALISTS


    At DEN, we are driven by the vision that each construction project is more than just a physical structure; it represents a foundation for future growth and success. This core belief shapes our approach to every undertaking, from concept to completion. Owned and expertly managed by Jared and Jacqui Baigent, DEN is built on a legacy rich in construction excellence, influenced by generations of expertise in the field.

    Jared and Jacqui’s commitment to construction is complemented by a robust maintenance program offering designed to support high-end properties and extensive residential and commercial portfolios. This program ensures that each building not only meets but continues to exceed the highest standards of quality and efficiency long after completion.

    Jacqui’s background in marketing, technology, and work automation brings a unique and innovative perspective to DEN’s services. Her expertise enables us to offer smart maintenance solutions that simplify property management for our clients, making life significantly easier and allowing them to enjoy their investments without the usual complexities involved in property upkeep.

    With a focus on quality, affordability, and client satisfaction, we tailor our services to meet diverse needs, ensuring that each project we undertake is a sanctuary and a statement of excellence. Whether you’re looking to bring a bespoke design to life or select from our architecturally crafted plans, we guide you through every step of the journey, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience.

    Servicing a broad region from Taupo to Auckland and the Coromandel, Jared, Jacqui, and the entire DEN team are committed to building not just structures, but lasting legacies that resonate with professionalism and passion.

    Join us at DEN, where your vision is crafted into reality with precision, passion, and professionalism. Let’s build not just projects, but potential.

    High end real estate photogrphay & videography SPECIALISTS


    At DEN Media, we pride ourselves on having top-tier talent with a real knack for capturing and enhancing the essence of high-end properties. Leading our creative endeavors is Ryan Baigent, a seasoned producer, photographer, editor, video editor, and sound engineer with a remarkable 30-year journey in the media industry. Ryan’s diverse expertise and profound technical skills have been instrumental in specializing our focus on the most luxurious properties in the Waikato region, significantly boosting sale returns for our clients.

    Ryan’s commitment to excellence is not just about capturing images but creating narratives that showcase properties in their best light. His meticulous attention to detail and a sharp eye for aesthetics ensure that every project he touches resonates with quality and sophistication. This dedication has made him a pivotal figure in positioning DEN Media as a friendly and expert presence in the construction and real estate sectors.

    Beyond his professional life, Ryan is a passionate property investor, managing both residential and commercial portfolios. He also enjoys spending quality time with his two wonderful children, balancing his professional achievements with a fulfilling personal life.

    Join Ryan and the rest of the DEN Media team, where we blend expertise, passion, and detail to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary showcases. Let us help you make your property stand out in the competitive market with elegance and precision.

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      Schedule a Visit

      Schedule a Visit

      Schedule a consultation with us to view our showhome or showroom,  quality and process for your construction project, real estate photography or design project.