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    Builder Gone Bust? Steps to Secure Your Home Project with a Registered Master Builder

    Facing a builder in liquidation? Learn how to secure your home project with our detailed guide. Get expert tips on legal rights, financial steps, and choosing a Registered Master Builder to ensure your build is completed to the highest standards.

    Discovering that your builder has gone into liquidation can disrupt not just your construction plans but also your peace of mind. This guide will help you navigate this challenging situation, providing practical steps to secure your home project and ensuring it reaches completion with the expertise of a Registered Master Builder.

    Immediate Actions to Take

    The first 24 hours after learning your builder has gone into liquidation are critical. Take these immediate steps to safeguard your project and your investment:

    1. Secure the Construction Site: Ensure that the site is safe and secure. This includes locking up any equipment and materials and making sure the site is safe from hazards that could cause injury or further damage.

    2. Gather Documentation: Collect all relevant documents related to your project. This includes contracts, correspondence, plans, and any receipts or proof of payments made to the builder.

    3. Review Your Contract: Understand the terms of your contract, particularly any clauses related to insolvency or default. This will help you in discussions with legal advisors and new builders.

    Legal and Financial Considerations

    Navigating the legal and financial aftermath of a builder’s liquidation requires careful consideration:

    1. Understanding Your Rights: Consult with a construction or contract law attorney to understand your legal position and rights following the builder’s insolvency.

    2. Insurance Claims and Master Builder’s Guarantee: If your builder was insured, contact the insurer to discuss claim options. Importantly, if your project was protected under a Master Builder’s Guarantee, contact Registered Master Builders NZ immediately to initiate the claim process. This step is crucial for activating any protection measures under the guarantee.

    3. Financial Impact: Assess the financial impact of the liquidation on your project. Determine any additional costs that may arise from hiring a new builder and completing the project.

    Choosing a New Builder

    Selecting a new builder is perhaps the most significant step towards getting your project back on track:

    1. Criteria for Selection: Look for a builder with a strong reputation and a track record of completing similar projects. Ensure they are a Registered Master Builder to guarantee quality and reliability.

    2. Vetting Potential Builders: Conduct thorough checks on potential builders. This includes reviewing their past projects, checking references, and confirming their financial stability to avoid repeating history.

    3. The Role of a Master Builder: Hiring a Registered Master Builder offers numerous benefits. They adhere to high standards, are vetted by the organization, and provide a guarantee that your project will be completed to the highest quality standards.

    Moving Forward

    With a new builder selected, it’s time to move forward with your project:

    1. Contract Essentials: Draft a new contract with your chosen builder. Ensure it includes specific clauses that protect you in the event of any future disputes or unexpected occurrences.

    2. Communication Strategies: Establish clear lines of communication with your new builder. Regular updates and transparent discussions about the project’s progress are essential.

    3. Timeline Adjustments: Be realistic about timeline adjustments. Understand that some delays are inevitable as the new builder takes over, but clear planning can minimize these disruptions.


    While the liquidation of a builder is a challenging scenario, it doesn’t mean your project needs to remain incomplete. By taking immediate protective actions, understanding your legal and financial options, and carefully selecting a new builder, you can navigate this complex situation successfully. Remember, contacting Registered Master Builders NZ if you have a Master Builder’s Guarantee is a critical step in ensuring your project’s completion. With the right steps and a trusted professional by your side, you can turn a potential disaster into a success story, ensuring your home is built to the standards you dreamt of.


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    Schedule a Visit

    Schedule a consultation with us to view our showhome or showroom,  quality and process for your construction project, real estate photography or design project.